A Quick Guide on Limousine Rates in Melbourne

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If you’re finding a limo hire in Melbourne for the first time, you have to learn some pointers first before making a reservation. It would be very handy to have some general knowledge on how limos are usually priced. This will guide you in choosing the best limo service which suits your budget.

The hourly rate relies on the kind of limousine you want to rent. Do you want a Luxury Sedan or a Hummer limo? Luxury Sedans or town cars are less expensive, but it can only accommodate up to four passengers. It’s usually used for point to point transfers and some company may come up with a flat rate. Super stretches on the other hand, can cost two or three times more than a Sedan. There are 8-passenger, 10 passenger, and 16-passenger versions of these stretches. The more passengers it can accommodate, the higher the hourly rate will be.

The distance and the duration would rely on the occasion. Is it for a wedding? Or do you just need to get from Point A to Point B? For weddings, you may need it for five or six hours. So you really need to pay the hourly rate for that. For point-to-point transfers, it’s usually recommended to get a flat rate. Some limo companies may have a flat rate available, but some may not. So it’s always best to ask.

Limo hire in Melbourne can start from $300 and can go up to $1500. Usually, a gratuity is also added to your total bill. Rates can also change depending on what time of the year. Limousines are generally fully-booked during the holiday season, so rates may go up as well during this time.

So those are the primary aspects that are included in your total bill. Always ask if there are any extra charges besides the one that has been quoted to you. Booking your reservation a few weeks before can also save you time and money.


5 Awesome Stuff you’ll Find in an Exotic Limo in Melbourne

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A limousine’s interior is packed with amazing gadgets and accessories. It’s fascinating to watch how engineers and designers put so many awesome things inside the limo year after year. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the most outrageous and most amazing amenities you’ll find inside a limo in Melbourne.

A limousine is almost incomplete without bars. Limousines are often associated with champagnes in fancy wine glasses. The longer and the larger the limousine is, the grander the bar is.

Disco Floor
Super stretch limousines like Hummer and Chrysler 300C limousines are considered to be the ultimate party vehicles. Some of these limos have disco floors complete with disco lights! No need to wait to get on the next bar or next rave party, you can get down right on the limo’s disco floor.

Stripper Pole
Another interesting addition to the disco floor is a stripper pole. You would usually find stripper poles in Hummer limousines. This can definitely add extra fun on the partying and dancing experience.

Fiber Optic Lights
A showcase of beautiful lights can instantly bring an energetic vibe to any place. A limousine wouldn’t be complete without fancy lights. Fiber optic lights are carefully integrated in the limo’s interior. Some limo companies would even go as far as setting up a light show.

Swimming Pools
What can you put in a limo that you never would have thought possible? That’s right, a swimming pool! Although there are a few limos in the world that have a swimming pool or a hot tub, this still counts as one of the most amazing things you’ll find in a limo. The longest limo in the world has actually a swimming pool complete with diving board and a Jacuzzi.

So there you go. Those are some of the most outrageous and truly the coolest features that you’ll find in a limo in Melbourne. If you’re looking for ways on how to take your party to the next level, considering hiring a limo service with one of these features will surely be a blast.


Are your cruise ship travels killing the oceans?

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You might not be aware that billions of gallons of cruise ship waste adversely affect coastal waters. To prevent the same, the Alaskan state program plans to put in place inspection rangers on cruise vessels to check the ships’ waste disposal methods and prevent pollution.

The number of travelers on board cruise ships has increased and so have the number of ships. In Alaska the number of passengers has grown to more than 12 million in 2006 from about 500,000 in 1970, according to the cruise lines group. The vessels have grown larger as well.

How do cruise ships affect the oceans?

• Sewage carries germs that can contaminate shellfish beds and harm other life, while phosphates, nitrates and other wastewater compounds can trigger huge growths of algae that cloud the water, reduce oxygen, smother corals and kill fish.
• Cruise ships’ fuel often contains sulfur dioxide, and ships sometimes incinerate garbage, releasing dioxins and fine particles that can trigger respiratory ailments.

The Alaskan ocean ranger program, applies to ships with more than 250 passengers. The initiative requires that the rangers be marine engineers licensed by the Coast Guard who are also trained in wastewater treatment systems and environmental and public health rules.
The program will cost each passenger $4, funds that will also pay satellite transponders to track the ships’ movements in and out of state waters.

Cruise lines are also experimenting with technology to reduce the amount of noxious chemicals and ash that smokestacks release. The point is that more awareness and newer technology needs to be put into place to protect the oceans, already effected by global warming.


To Avoid a Bunch of Stress, Reserve a Limousine for Your Airport Transportation.

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Most people do not cite going to the airport as one of their favorite things to do. Nonetheless, you pretty much have not choice but to rely on airports to travel long distances. All you can do is reduce your stress while you are there. Planning ahead is one obvious way to reduce some of the stress of going to the airport. If you plan ahead, you will save a lot of time. For one thing, buy your tickets in advance and have them ready to go, along with all the other documentation you need. Secondly, arrange a ride to and from the airport beforehand. You will be glad you did. Waiting for a shuttle or taxi can be a frustrating experience, especially when it comes after a long flight. To avoid all this, reserve a limousine for your airport transportation.

A limousine is clearly the best way to get to and from the airport, and it is not just because it is more comfortable and luxurious. The comfort and luxury is a nice bonus, though. By reserving a limousine you can save yourself the hassle of relying on other forms of airport transportation, such as taxis and shuttles. Shuttles are especially frustrating because they take so long. First you must wait for the shuttle to show up. This alone can take two hours or more. Then, you have to wait on the shuttle for everyone to board.

Finally, once you are on the road, you have to wait for the shuttle to stop at everyone’s destination. If your destination is one of the last stops, you may wind up waiting a very long time. This is especially frustrating when you are on a trip because you only have a limited time to be there. The less time you can waste, the better.

A limousine, on the other hand, will be there exactly when you want it to be, and it will take you directly to your specified destination. Plus, the ride itself will be luxurious and relaxing. It is not uncommon for corporations to hire a limousine service to pick up their executives from the airport. They do this because it is the most efficient way to get people from the airport to their destination. It is more convenient than a shuttle and more well-coordinated and luxurious than a taxi.

Another advantage to hiring a limousine service if you are a businessperson is the fact that they offer reduced rates for corporate clients. If you are coming to the city on business, your limousine rates should be significantly reduced.

These limo services know that the corporate clients give them the most business, so they do their best to be very accommodating. If you are not sure if the limo service you have selected offers reduced corporate rates, you should simply ask. Some of the really airport limousine services will even check flight schedules before they show up. That way they can avoid showing up too early or too late. A limo rental company that keeps track of flight delays is almost certainly a reliable one.


How to Find a Budget Limo Hire in Melbourne

It is no secret that renting a limousine for an event is quite costly. But this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a special kind of transportation. With time and preparation, you can actually find a budget limo hire in Melbourne. Here’s how:

Plan out every detail of your trip.

Even before finding the limousine company to make a reservation, it’s very important to have a clear idea first of the whole trip. You need to determine the number of passengers, the type of limo you need, and the duration of the trip. Are you going to rent a limo for a wedding, prom, or just a dinner date? When renting a limo for proms, the cost is usually split among the group. That’s why stretch limos are perfect for prom. If you’re just going out on a dinner date or anniversary date, a Luxury Sedan is more economical to rent.

Research first.

After you have all the necessary details for the trip, don’t get too excited to make a reservation yet. It’s important to find the best limo company to deal with that can provide you with a reasonable price and at the same time provide an excellent service. It would be easy if you have a friend who has already hired a limousine service before. But if you don’t know anyone, you can always turn to the internet for information. You can check local sites such as Google Maps to find a budget limo hire in Melbourne. Once you find a few companies, ask them a quote for your trip. Make sure to provide them all the routing details so they can give you an accurate rate.

Compare quotes.

After receiving the rates from different limo companies, you can now compare which one offers the lowest deal. The lowest hourly rate doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good thing. Make sure that they won’t charge you anything extra. Ask if tax and gratuity are already included in the quote they gave you. Service is also important. Don’t compromise service for a low price. You can always tell a stellar company from a mediocre one by the way they handle your inquiries. So make sure to take note of this as well.

Once you’ve decided on the company of your choice, it’s time to make a reservation. Secure a confirmation of the trip. After that, you can sit prettily as you wait for the big day