A Quick Guide on Limousine Rates in Melbourne

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If you’re finding a limo hire in Melbourne for the first time, you have to learn some pointers first before making a reservation. It would be very handy to have some general knowledge on how limos are usually priced. This will guide you in choosing the best limo service which suits your budget.

The hourly rate relies on the kind of limousine you want to rent. Do you want a Luxury Sedan or a Hummer limo? Luxury Sedans or town cars are less expensive, but it can only accommodate up to four passengers. It’s usually used for point to point transfers and some company may come up with a flat rate. Super stretches on the other hand, can cost two or three times more than a Sedan. There are 8-passenger, 10 passenger, and 16-passenger versions of these stretches. The more passengers it can accommodate, the higher the hourly rate will be.

The distance and the duration would rely on the occasion. Is it for a wedding? Or do you just need to get from Point A to Point B? For weddings, you may need it for five or six hours. So you really need to pay the hourly rate for that. For point-to-point transfers, it’s usually recommended to get a flat rate. Some limo companies may have a flat rate available, but some may not. So it’s always best to ask.

Limo hire in Melbourne can start from $300 and can go up to $1500. Usually, a gratuity is also added to your total bill. Rates can also change depending on what time of the year. Limousines are generally fully-booked during the holiday season, so rates may go up as well during this time.

So those are the primary aspects that are included in your total bill. Always ask if there are any extra charges besides the one that has been quoted to you. Booking your reservation a few weeks before can also save you time and money.